Row Quilt Round Robin coming soon

Our Red & White Challenge is almost over!  Are you ready for a new challenge?!!   How about a Row by Row Round Robin?  And we have 2 months to finish each row!  That gives us lots of time to complete each row.   Sign ups begin in August and the challenge will begin in October.   

Barb Bredemeier is the organizer/contact at:

  • Guild members will be organized in groups of 6.
  • Each participant will make a strip or row to start off her lap or wall sized quilt. (We suggest you make your initial row no longer than 48 inches.)
  • Each participant will assemble a box or bag of fabric which may be used in her quilt.
  • Each participant may include a special instruction sheet which could say something like, please use only the included fabrics, you may add any fabric you wish, please keep this a spring or Christmas theme, etc. If you like, you may include a journal in your box for each person who works on your quilt to write in.
  • Round Robin Quilt bags will be passed on to the next participant every other month.
  • Participants will have 2 months to add a row to their assigned quilt.
  • Contact Barb Bredemeier if you would like to participate.



2016-2017 Round Robin Schedule:

August 22        Deadline to sign up to participate in Round Robin

October 24      Receive Round Robin group assignments.  Begin making first row.

December       Pass bags on to participant #2 and make second row.

February 27     Pass bags on to participant #3 and make third row.

April 24           Pass bags on to participant #4 and make fourth row.

June 26            Pass bags on to participant #5 and make fifth row.

August 28        Pass bags on to final participant and make sixth row.

October 23      Return bag to original owner at guild meeting.



Happy Quilting!


Barb Schippa

Big Red Quilters Guild Secretary

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