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Superwoman must be a quilter!

Each time we have a speaker at our guild meeting, you can overhear friends huddled afterwards talking about the “mad skills” the speaker has. It may be expertise in machine quilting, hand appliqué, color, or design… doesn’t matter. We highly respect and admire their experience and skill.

The next thing you overhear is…..”I could never do that”. Someone asks if you signed up for the workshop the next day, and we reply “no, I’d be so intimidated”. So what we are saying is we have to already be highly skilled in a technique to take a class? Now I’m confused…….we can’t take a class because we aren’t good enough? Isn’t that the point?

I am not a spokesperson for MODA but I do enjoy their daily posts. Today’s asks some of today’s well-known quilt design names what intimidates them. Yes, highly skilled quilters can be intimidated and insecure just like us. Each have different issues.

I find all this fascinating because one thing I’ve observed with fellow quilters/sewists is…everyone is SOOOOO willing to help another quilter by sharing techniques or knowledge. Someone at a bee, a class or retreat yells 911, and immediately you’ll be swarmed by the quilting paramedics helping you resolve your problem. Thread tension, needle problems, corners don’t match, can’t get the pattern to work, the color is awful……what did I do wrong? Help! We rush to the rescue (perhaps too eagerly sometimes, but forgive us for that….we only want you to get “unstuck”).

Give a sewist a bunch of fabric scraps and they’ll whip up a quilt. Give them a problem and they’ll figure out how to solve it. Someone else has a problem and we will run thru fire to save them. Bottom line ……quilters are a lot like superwoman!


Happy quilting!

Barb Schippa

BRQG member and blog contributor

BRQG welcomes Sandy Klop, American Jane Fabrics by MODA

General meeting, Monday, June 26, 2017


• President Pat Navis opened the meeting at 7:00 and welcomed everyone including speaker Sandy Klop, members and 11 guests.
• Lighthouse Guild is sponsoring a bus to the Fall Paducah show. More info will follow.
• We are still in need of a few tables for the lodge. If you’d like to donate see Pat Navis.
• Mary Botsis reported The Holland Police Department Crisis Unit has received 40 quilts. Members voted to split the remaining quilts between Holland Rescue Mission (each child gets a quilt and stuffed animal) and Resthaven dementia unit. Group quilting dates will be resumed in September (dates TBD).
• Refreshments – if your birthday falls in July or August be sure to sign up at the window during our break when you grab your cookies or beverage.

Kathy Meuller/Programs – Mark your calendars so you don’t miss these upcoming events:

• Tuesday, June 27 – Sandy Klop wheel class 10-4pm in the lodge, still a few openings
• Monday, July 24 – 6:30 PM Sew in at Beechwood Church Lodge (NOTE NEW TIME CHANGE)
• Monday, August 28 – 6:30 PM refreshments, 7:00 PM Tim Latimer, award winning collector and quilter
• Monday, September 25 – Rummage/Bake & Auction at Beechwood Church Lodge. Be thinking of items to donate, and friends to invite
• Monday, October 23 – Linda Thiefoldt machine quilter, trunk show and workshop

• CALLING ALL VOLUNTEERS! Kathy is looking for someone to volunteer to lead the PROGRAMS team next year, as her board term ends in October. Kris Kennedy will stay on supporting the leader.

The guild is pleased to welcome speaker SANDY KLOP, quilter/designer of American Jane Fabric for MODA. Sandy, now a resident of California, shared her love of quilting, and her journey from quilter to designer, and how her designs are influenced by authentic Dutch costume fabrics she grew up around in her native Holland, Michigan. Sandy is teaching WAGON WHEELS, a full day workshop Tuesday at the Beechwood Lodge.

Show & Tell:
Thank you to all guild members for sharing their beautiful inspiring quilts this evening.

Raffle gifts were generously donated by:
Gall Sewing/Plainfield – fat quarters
Abbi May’s Quilt Shop/Muskegon – layer cake stack
Tote Bag

Pat thanked everyone and dismissed about 8:45 PM

Barb Schippa (filling in for Sally Zena, Big Red Quilters Guild Secretary)

Sandy Klop

We were delighted to have Sandy Klop at our guild last night ! She talked about her career as a quilter and fabric designer and displayed her dellightful quilts using her designed fabrics- American Jane. She began her sewing career when she was growing up in Holland,  Michigan by first saving her nickels and dimes to purchase small amounts of fabric to sew clothes for her Terri Lee doll. She loves vintage toy look plus French influenced designs in fabric.

Monday Meeting Reminder

Hi Fellow Quilters!

I hope you are all enjoying the summer and all the sunny weather we’ve
been having!  Don’t stop quilting…you can still quilt at night and
enjoy the weather during the day.

Our next meeting is Monday, June 26 at Beechwood Church at 895 Ottawa
Beach Road.  Sandy Klop, designer of American Jane Fabric will give a
lecture titled “The American Jane Story in Fabric”.  Social time for
the night begins at 6:30 and the meeting begins at 7:00.

Barb Walsh and Marie Yutendale have volunteered to bring treats for
the meeting, but we could use a few more volunteers.  Thanks everyone!

There are still openings in the workshop on Tuesday, June 27
with Sandy Klop.  The cost is $50 for members and $60 for guests plus
the $9 pattern.  Join us, it should be lots of fun!   Wagon Wheel

Looking for something to do?

Last weeks unseasonal heat wave is behind us (finally) and comfortable temps are back. Yippee! And tomorrow is the first day of summer, which means a day trip here or there exploring the abundance our area has within a short drive.

In case you are looking for something “quilty” to do on a local level, consider making a day trip to Shipshewana for the annual quilt festival.  Beginning Wednesday June 21 thru Saturday June 24, the town swells with quilters from all over the country hosting the 2017 Shipshewana Quilt Festival.

This year, the men are taking over the festival.   Nationally known quilters Ricky Tims, Rob Appell, Jerry Granata and Doug Leko along with Mark Dunn owner of MODA will headline the show with years of experience thru daily lectures.  And those piano tunes by Ricky…..awesome.

The festival includes over 300 quilts, plenty of vendors, and all things quilty appealing to any style…….whether modern, art or traditional there is something for everyone. For more information check out their website:

Barb Schippa

BRQG member and blog contributor



June 13 National Sewing Machine Day

It seems Hallmark missed a perfect opportunity to sell cards to a large population of us sewists. I mean, today is National Sewing Machine Day, and I have not sent a single greeting card to my quilting BFF’s noting this.  So this blog post is the fastest way to communicate and celebrate the technological advancement we enjoy today…our sewing machine(s)! Many of us might be shy to admit we enjoy multiple machines, some old and new, small and large, for heavy duty or classes, low tech and high tech, to get the job done.

According to Carrie Nelson of MODA, since the invention of the sewing machine  sewers save 14 hours for every 1 hour of time spent at your machine.  Many of us treasure our grandmothers hand sewn quilts because they were done by hand. This puts their skilled efforts into a completely different context……14/1 hours. We are fortunate to have so many options when our predecessors had none. Imagine a stunning Baltimore Album done entirely by hand!

Carrie shares a wealth of history thru the years of sewing machine evolution.  For more info check out her post:

And…….Happy National Sewing Machine Day! Give your machine a hug!


Barb Schippa