Block of Every Other Month Guild Challenge

Block of Every Other Month Guild Challenge*

Join your Big Red Guild Members in the Block of Every Other Month Guild Challenge.  Blocks will be 12 ½ inches and taken from Moda’s Blockheads 2.  The six blocks used will be a mystery until each block is assigned during the months below.  Bring your finished block to the next Guild Meeting after it is assigned and be entered for a special prize drawing!  You may use any fabrics you wish, so dig into your stash!  Final projects using the six 12 ½ inch blocks will be displayed in October of 2020.  Members, join the fun and sign up at the August 26 meeting at Beechwood Church.

Six Block Challenge Dates:

Block #                 Assigned                                 Due Date

One                   August 26, 2019                   October, 2019 Meeting   –  Link to  Vintage

Two                   October, 2019*                     November, 2019 Sew-in* – Link to Candy Striper 

Three                 November, 2019                  February, 2020 Meeting –  Link to Star Power

IMG_82531 Note: When making Star Power block you may want more than 4 colors or fabrics.  Look at the color placement to determine colors and which squares to cut of each color. For instance, This colorway uses three different ‘C’ fabrics and two different ‘D’ fabrics. The fabric listed is total squares needed.



Four                   February, 2020                     April, 2020 Meeting

Five                    April, 2020                            June, 2020 Meeting

Six                      June, 2020                             August, 2020 Meeting

*Since we don’t meet in December, you will have only one month to make this block.

Projects using the blocks are due at the October, 2020 Meeting.  There will be a prize drawing for finished projects!

Block patterns will be distributed on the assigned date.  To check out all of Moda’s Blockheads 2 blocks, go to:

(We will not be using all of the blocks, but if you want to make a few more, go for it!)