Block of Every Other Month Guild Challenge

This was the 2020 Challenge

Block of Every Other Month Guild Challenge*

Join your Big Red Guild Members in the Block of Every Other Month Guild Challenge.  Blocks will be 12 ½ inches and taken from Moda’s Blockheads 2.  The six blocks used will be a mystery until each block is assigned during the months below.  Bring your finished block to the next Guild Meeting after it is assigned and be entered for a special prize drawing!  You may use any fabrics you wish, so dig into your stash!  Final projects using the six 12 ½ inch blocks will be displayed in October of 2020.

Link to website offering the Blockheads 2 project:

Six Block Challenge Dates:

Block #                 Assigned                                 Due Date

One                   August 26, 2019                   October, 2019 Meeting

Two                   October, 2019*                     November, 2019 Sew-in*

Three                 November, 2019                  February, 2020 Meeting

Four                   February, 2020                     April, 2020 Meeting

Five                    April, 2020                            June, 2020 Meeting


Block 5

Click to access bh2_lh_stellar-star_1.pdf

Six                      June, 2020                             August, 2020 Meeting



Click to access bh2_bh_roman-cross_mjdDnFp.pdf

*Since we don’t meet in December, you will have only one month to make this block.

Projects using the blocks are due at the October, 2020 Meeting.  There will be a prize drawing for finished projects!

Block patterns will be distributed on the assigned date.

(We will not be using all of the blocks, but if you want to make a few more, go for it!)