Block of the Every Other Month


The times are uncertain…looking for “what’s next” is a daily (or hourly!) event.  Never have we found ourselves with so much “discretionary” time!  Or at least it may feel like that…or it may not…this experience is different for everyone, I suspect!  🤔
The purpose of this email is to send along the next steps of the BOEOM Challenge so you can take advantage of the time you might have, whenever you have it. IMPORTANT NOTE:  Even though we might be able to work ahead, completed blocks and final project end date remains the same as originally planned–October.
Attached, please find the instructions for the two remaining blocks as well as photographs of Betsy’s blocks.  We’ll get these up on the website soon as well!  I’ll also include the links for these online just to make sure everyone has access (we don’t need any additional technical issues, do we?  🙄)
Sending hugs to you all…the virtual kind…along with prayers for everyone’s health and safety.  Take care…more to come soon!
Links to blocks:
Link to the BRQG Challenge are on the Guild’s website:

Membership Chair

Big Red Quilters’ Guild
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Mask Making Opportunities and a Note!

Dear Quilting Friends,

I hope that this email finds you and yours doing well in these trying times.  I’m writing to let you know of an opportunity to share our energies with the larger West Michigan community.  I suspect you’ve heard about making masks to help in the fight against the COVID-19, and you may already be working on this cause for a local hospital or other caregiving entity.
Both Holland Hospital and Spectrum Health are accepting handmade masks, per information offered on their websites.  We would invite you to consider this opportunity as a chance to contribute to the cause (and possibly make a dent in that stash… 😉).
Note that fabrics should be pre-washed before assembly, as we are uncertain how the masks will be sterilized/sanitized for use (read:  it likely will include moisture and heat!)  Following is information from each hospital organization, including the link to their “how-to-help” page for COVID-19 as well as a link to the instructions for their preferred pattern.
A closing thought as we consider the days and weeks ahead…and the uncertainty in all of this:  how blessed we are to have a hobby that consumes us, a hobby that we can share with others, and a hobby that produces articles that are at once beautiful and useful.  We can express ourselves and connect with the recipient or admirer alike.  It’s a gift to have quilting in our lives always, but maybe, especially, in times of challenge.  First Lady Grace Coolidge is credited with the below saying…if you haven’t seen it, perhaps it will nudge you to appreciate quilting just a bit more!

“Everyone should be taught to
sew, not merely for the sake of
making something, but as an
accomplishment which may prove
a stabilizer in time of
perplexity or distress.

Many a time when I need to hold
myself firmly, I have taken up a
needle – a sewing needle, some
knitting needles, or a crochet
hook. Whatever its form or
purpose, it often proved to

be as the needle
of a compass,
keeping me to the course.”

– First Lady Grace Coolidge


Sending our very best for your comfort and productivity (!) in the days ahead.  We’re thinking of you!

Bridget Morel

Membership Chair

Big Red Quilters’ Guild


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2020 February 18 – Meeting show n tell

Our meeting concluded with show n tell and a showing of charity quilts.  Several members brought in quilts.


Bridget’s Jane Sassaman design from last fall’s workshop.


Another design from a scrappy workshop.


A practice orphan piece from Vicky Gray that Bridget completed.


Kris’ Maple Leaf quilt.  Unique in that it was completed in record time, which purchase of fabric and pattern in mid-to-late January and quilted in time for this meeting! 


Anne’s Linus quilt made from an adorable panel.


A charity quilt top made by Deb from a friend’s practice squares! Those orphan blocks can be put to good use and look great together!


Another Charity quilt made from practice squares.  Great job, Deb!

And that concludes our February meeting pictures.  Hope to see you at the next meeting!

2020 February 18 – Meeting Program Photos – Part Three

Sally Leep was our third presenter in the “Artists Among Us” program. She is very precise and works with great details. Perfection is her mantra.


A baby quilt inspired by an Aunt’s quilt made with polyester/cotton blend.


A baby quilt made for her son Billie – he received this quilt when he was 32! Congrats to Sally for a finish, even if it was a tad late! 


Mrs. Lincoln’s quilt made as a challenge with her Paducah friends.


Jacob’s Garden 


The back of the next quilt. Even the backs get attention sometimes!


The smaller quilt was made with the scraps cut off of all the corners of the larger quilt! No scrap gets away!


Above the Tree Line quilt – tiny 1 inch squares.


A Kim Diehl design made by Sally to celebrate her retirement after 35 years at Herman Miller.


Bright Light – made with a cake walk plus cake layer cuts of fabric from Paducha. 


And of course a quilt from the scraps of Bright Light!


My Long Winter.  Gorgeous quilt!


Katelyn’s doll quilt


Tiled background quilt made at the BRQG class last year. 


Sally loves christmas quilts! She has made one for each of her grandchildren. Unbelievable applique!


Another of Sally’s Christmas quilts.  She said this was the most challenging she has ever done. I believe it! The picture just doesn’t do it justice. 

2020 February 18 – Meeting Program Photos – Part Two

The second presenter in our “Artists Among Us” series was Carmen Smith.  She loves the process but not the finishing! She works fast and is creative. She likes to keep it fun!


An itty bitty – she loves traditional quilts and Civil War prints!


Carmen has 700 spools of thread – you never know what color you are going to need and what if the fabric stores are closed?? So she bought this panel to try out some of her thread collection!! Lovely!!


Her Hat Ladies quilt designed and drawn by her! Her late sister is memorialized in this quilt. 


She decided to try paper piecing and this colorful quilt is the result. Sewn at last year’s March Guild Retreat.  


Urban Owls Quilt! This beauty is so visually interesting. Urban Owls is out of Texas. 


Her design with Jesus knocking on her door.  She used a photo representing Jesus from the internet and printed it on fabrick for the center of her quilt. 


2020 February 18 – Meeting Program Photos – Part One

The program was ‘The Artists Among Us’.  We heard from three of our members. Lorelle Eberly was our first presenter.   Thanks to Ann P for keeping track of information about each quilt.  I am going to borrow her words for some of this post and a couple of pictures!


Lorelle’s Aunt Helen’s quilt that she purchased at the estate auction – hand pieced and hand quilted.  


Her Grandmother Bertha’s Dresden Plate.


A quilt made by Lorelle’s mother for their church. She used a design from a stained glass window to create this original design. This quilt was always on display at Easter. 


Golden Wedding Ring quilt made by Lorelle’s mother  for Lorelle. 


A quilt Lorelle made for one of  her granddaughters.


Another quilt made for a granddaughter.


Yet another quilt made for another granddaughter. 


Birds for grandchildren, small wall hangings.


Christmas table toppers

2020 February 17 meeting minutes

BRQG Meeting February 17, 2020

Kris Kennedy opened the Big Red Quilt Guild meeting at Beechwood Church on February 17. 2020, at
7:03 p.m. She encouraged members to consider becoming a part of the BRQG board and explained how
well the board members work together.
She introduced a guest, Lise Topp, and then had a drawing for those who had brought their Block of the
Every Other Month. Lorelle Eberly won the packet of fat quarters with a pattern enclosed.
Colleen Decker announced she had Tulip Time Quilt Show entry forms and noted that the form has been
revised. Those entering a quilt need to sign the back of the form, place a value on the quilt, and be sure
to answer all the questions. Those who wish to sell their quilts need to add 40% to the price, as that is
the commission Tulip Time will require. Colleen also asked for volunteers to sign up to work at the Tulip
Time Quilt Show.
Kris thanked those who brought refreshments and reminded the group of the upcoming programs:
March 23 – Deborah Richmond
March 24-26 – BRQG Retreat – Final Payment due by March 1.
April 20 – School House
April 28 – Tiled-Background workshop
May 18 – Airing of the Quilts
Kathy Ryzenga shared information about our charity quilts. A total of 35 have been given to Project
Linus. One was donated to the Beechwood Church Youth Group for a fundraiser, and one was given to
Barb Bredemeier for a charity function. Kathy noted that Victoria from the Manasseh Project was
grateful for the quilts donated to the victims of sex trafficking. She had a precut kit for a charity quilt
which a member volunteered to take and make.
Kris introduced the program The Artists among Us. She explained that Carol Vinnedge’s husband is in
the hospital, so Carol could not be with us tonight. She introduced Lorelle Eberly, who showed several
family quilts as well as three she had made for her granddaughters. Carmen Smith showed several quilts
she had created using a variety of techniques, which she discussed, such as thread painting, fusible web,
paper piecing, and other designing processes. Sally Leep showed a wide variety of quilts demonstrating
her use of needle-turn applique, scrap triangles left from larger pieces, a doll quilt, and various
Christmas quilts.
Kris thanked the three presenters and reminded the members of the signups at the program table.
After a brief break for refreshments, a drawing for several door prizes was held. Several members
participated in Show and Tell. Kris asked members to drive carefully as they went home on this snowy
night. The meeting ended at 8:15 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Lorelle Eberly, Secretary