2020 Oct 19 Zoom Minutes

Big Red Quilt Guild Zoom Meeting
October 19, 2020

Betsy Muir, president, opened the meeting at 7:00 with a big welcome to all 24 Zoom participants plus those who were presenting. She reminded us that our September meeting focused on scrappy designs, and our October program would continue that scrappy theme.

Betsy introduced Kris Kennedy who presented a scrappy pumpkin block made up of 5 x 5 (a total of 25) 2 ½” squares of various orange fabrics. Kris noted it is easier to center the green pumpkin stem if using an odd number of squares. Each of the four corners of the pumpkin uses a half-square triangle piece, and the stem uses two half-square triangles. Easy and cute! Kris also indicated she uses thin cutting mats from Dollar Tree for her templates.

Betsy then showed us two small pieces she made from a pattern she found at Pressing Matters: a Boo piece in black and white, using a white cursive script for “Boo” and a button-eyed white ghost on a black background, and an orange “Eek” in cursive also on black. Instead of using a sleeve for hanging, she had made two corners from a diagonally folded 5 ½” square sewn into the binding, and then had inserted a dowel rod for hanging. The 5 ½” squares gave good support at the top.

Kris demonstrated various styles of napkin rings made from a pattern she found on sewinginnomansland and then modified. She cut two pieces of fabric 11” x 3 ½” and backed them with two pieces of fusible interfacing 10” x 2 ½”, turned in the ends and clipped the corners. She then fused or glued the two pieces together down the middle and top stitched all around, turning it into the size desired. Kris took a 20” ribbon or piece of twill tape, folded it in half and looped it over a button she had sewn on the ring.
These could be as formal or informal as wanted to fit your decor.

Betsy found a coaster pattern in the autumn 2020 issue of Quilters’ World. First, cut a hexagon from fabric and a backing hexagon 1 ½” larger. Place the smaller top fabric on a hexagon of batting the same size and then onto the wrong side of the backing fabric. Fold the backing edges over twice on each hexagon side in sequence to form a binding and stitch it in place. Voila, a new coaster!

Betsy then demonstrated making candy corn treat bags she found on Cut one 4 ½” x 4” piece from yellow felt, two 4 ½” x 2” pieces from orange felt, and two 4 ½” x 2” from white felt.
Overlap the longer 4 ½” edges and stitch them together starting with white, then orange, then yellow, orange, and white. Turn it into a bag by folding the 4 ½” pieces in half, piercing four small holes ¾” apart in the top for the ribbon to make a drawstring to close the bag. Each side will form a small pleat. It is a small bag, just big enough to hold a few pieces of candy. What a great favor to have at each place at the table!

Betsy suggested that participants send pictures of their projects to Janet Haines to post on the BRQG website.

Betsy then interviewed Carole McLean about her work with Quilts of Valor. Carole has been making these red, white, and blue quilts for veterans for more than two years. This year she has made twelve thus far and has probably made more than thirty total by now. Carole showed some 40” x 54” quilts with flannel backs for use by people in wheelchairs. The flannel keeps the quilt from slipping off the lap. Several of her quilts were panels that Carole surrounded with various block and border designs. One

she used the Every Other Block of the Month challenge blocks to create an interesting design around a panel. Carole showed larger Quilts of Valor also. In December she will gift her Quilts of Valor to the veterans’ home in Byron Center. She will willingly take contributions of red, white, and blue fabric to
make more quilts.

Betsy thanked Carole for her beautiful work with this meaningful project for our veterans.

In early November the BRQG board will deliver kits to the homes of BRQG members who want to participate in this Make-and-Keep project. Please let Carole McLean know if you are interested in having a kit delivered to your home. Bridget Morel will be sending an email message with Carole’s
email address.

Betsy ended the meeting at 7:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Lorelle Eberly

2020 Oct 14 – Show n Tell Quilts

Thanks to Ann P for taking these photos!

2020 Oct 14 – Meeting minutes

Big Red Quilt Guild
October 14, 2020

Betsy Muir, president, opened the October 14, 2020, BRQG meeting at 6:00 p.m. in the parking lot of Tiara Yachts. One visitor, Terri Bruch, and twenty members brought chairs and wore masks for the opportunity to get together in person. Karen Keip reported that we now have 53 paid members. Nancy Miller won the wonderful basket of quilting supplies in a drawing from among the names of those who had paid their 2020-21 dues.

Betsy asked if anyone had questions or comments about the minutes of the September 21, 2020, meeting that were posted on the BRQG website. No one did.

Betsy noted that our next meeting, October 20, will be a Zoom meeting. All dues-paying members will receive an email invitation.

Kris Kennedy displayed the finished Village quilt made by many BRQG members; it will be donated to a local charity for their fund-raising activities.

Kathy Ryzenga is accepting charity quilts. Five members showed and donated ten charity quilts of various sizes at tonight’s meeting.

Betsy reported that the three board members whose terms end this year have volunteered to stay on for another two-year term: Karen Keip, treasurer; Carol Vinnedge, publicity; and Lorelle Eberly, secretary. Betsy called for any additional nominations from the group; hearing none, she asked for a vote on the three positions. They were elected for a second two-year term. Betsy distributed bags of chocolate kisses to the three members who will serve another term on the board.

Our October 20 meeting’s program is Quilts of Valor with Carole McLean. Betsy also asked that members have squares of white, yellow, and orange felt, and a piece of ¼” ribbon for the Make-and-Give-It project.
The November 16 Zoom meeting will include a Make-It-and-Keep-It project, this time a delivered-to-you-personally-at-your-home kit. Each member who wishes to participate needs to contact Carole McLean by November 1 to request a kit.

Members who had completed the Every Other Block of the Month project showed their quilts; several six or nine block wall hangings, a table runner, and a full size bed quilt demonstrated the various talents of our members. A drawing was held for prizes for those who brought their EOBoM projects.

Almost every member present showed one project completed since our last in-person meeting. Many small and large quilts were displayed. Thus we had our own quilt show!

Finally, an outdoor prize drawing was held. Many members won prizes!

The meeting ended at 7:03 p.m.

Respectively submitted,
Lorelle Eberly

2020 September 21 Facebook ‘Meeting’ link and Minutes

Link to the Program:

Big Red Quilt Guild meeting September 21, 2020, via Facebook

Betsy Muir, president, opened the BRQG September 21, 2020, Simply Scrappy program on Facebook soon after 7:00 p.m. by displaying her grandmother’s 104-year-old wedding quilt with a scrappy look.

Betsy then highlighted several books on creating scrappy quilts:

Bonnie Hunter, Leaders and Enders (sort by size and by lights and darks)
Diana D. Knott, Scrap Quilt Secrets (Style, Contrast, Repetition, Accent color, Palate, and Selvages)
Riel Nason, Modern Selvage Quilting!
Edyta Sitar, Handfuls of Scraps and Little Handfuls of Scraps
Judy Gauthier, Quilts for Scrap Lovers
Kim Brackett, Scrap Basket Surprises, Scrap Basket Sensations, and Scrap Basket Beauties
She also noted a pattern for scrappy Halloween mini-quilts she found at Pressing Matters and an article in the latest McCall’s Quilting magazine on page 50.

Kris Kennedy showed a scrappy pineapple quilt and a scrappy modern quilt she had made. She then displayed the scrappy Village quilt of 132 houses made by BRQG members, stitched into rows by Betsy Muir, Bridget
Morel, and Kris, and quilted by Kris.

Then Nora Slikkers, our featured speaker, showed us how she organizes her scraps and creates scrappy quilted projects. She began by showing three Fishy Fishy quilts she had made for her grandsons from the same fabric,
but featuring different styles; one used a panel of half-square triangles made from scraps she had been accumulating. She often pieces the backs of her quilts with scraps as well.

She then displayed her dish drying mats, measuring 18” by 22”, made from scraps. She recommended using poly batting for these as it dries fast. She likes to make 9” to 10” potholders and trivets from scraps, using
cotton mattress pads for batting. She does not piece the backs of these, but uses one-piece backings.

Nora showed us round batik pieced circles made by ironing round coffee filters flat and sewing scraps to these, trimming them up, and pulling off the filters (to be appliqued to a quilt in the future). She recommends sorting
scraps into 1 ½”, 2 ½”, 5 ½”, and 10” sizes. Her current Irish chain blocks are made of white and blue 1 ½” scraps. Her flag blocks are another use for her scraps. Her green bean quilt was made from various green scraps.

If any scraps are less than 1 ½”, she adds them to her threads and scraps she stores in an old shirt sewn together with one opening. When full, she stitches it up and gives it to Gateway, who sells these scraps to a maker of
shop rags.

Nora showed us the special rack made by her husband Leon and her clothes drying racks for sorting scraps. In addition, she has sewing trays on which she carries scraps to her sewing machine. Scraps of batting can be used
to wipe threads and strings off cutting mats. Scraps can also make good “piano keyboard” borders.

Nora concluded by encouraging members to use scraps of both fabric and batting!

Kris Kennedy thanked Nora for inviting us into her home for her program. The meeting ended. Members may view this 49-minute meeting by going to the website sent out via email by Bridget Morel.

Respectfully submitted,
Lorelle Eberly

2020 August 17- meeting minutes

Big Red Quilt Guild Meeting August 17, 2020

Betsy Muir, president, opened the meeting via Zoom at 7:00 p.m. Seven board members were present at Tiara Yachts to assist with the quilts displayed for the program and 28 members were present on Zoom.

Betsy announced we will be using Facebook for our next three monthly meetings—September 21, October 19, and November 16. This will allow members who are not able to view these meetings on the third Monday to see them later. Our next meeting program will be Scrappy September.

Kathy Ryzenga is taking charity quilts. If you have quilts to donate, please contact Kathy to make arrangements to get them to her.

Next year’s dues will be $10.00 for the October 2020 to October 2021 year. All members who pay their dues by October 1, 2020, will be eligible for the drawing for the Big Red Quilt Basket loaded with fabrics, thread, patterns, chocolates, teas, and other goodies. Note: The odds for winning this basket are much better than winning the lottery!

Kris Kennedy announced our members have now made enough house blocks to complete the Village quilt. Bridget Morel, Kris, and Betsy will sew the quilt top together and get it off to a long arm quilter.

The Tiled-Background workshop with Barb Bredemeier and Janet Haines is once again being rescheduled.

October 12 the completed Every-Other-Block-of-the-Month quilts will be displayed at Tiara Yachts west parking lot. Bring your lawn chair, a bottle of water, and your EOBM project plus one other project; if you do not have an EOBM project, bring two (2) projects you have made during this pandemic. There will be a drawing for those who bring their finished EOBM, and instead of door prizes, we will have outdoor prizes! Please park in the eastside parking lot as we are using the west lot for our display area.

Nora Slikkers introduced our program presenter, Nancy Roelfsema, from the greater Grand Rapids area.

Nancy has been quilting for more than 30 years, learning how to sew when she was 10 years old. She is the eighth of ten children and learned if she wanted to have new clothing rather than hand-me-downs, she needed to create her own outfits.

Why I Quilt was the title of her presentation, during which she showed 46 quilts, beginning with her Aunt Rachel’s hand-pieced quilt. Her first reason for quilting is for family. She showed a quilt representing the farm house her family moved into when Nancy was eight years old; a quilt made of
fabric made in the Netherlands which she purchased when she and her husband visited members of his family there; quilts made for family babies, for a seven-year-old new family member, and for weddings. She made a T-shirt quilt demonstrating how to use a two-inch grid and Dyna-flow paint. She had a Round-Robin quilt made by her bee members and one made together with her sister Renee.

Her second reason for quilting is for charity. Nancy has traveled to Ukraine and Tanzania on mission trips, taking quilts with her and leaving them there for others.

Her third reason is historical. She displayed a quilt she purchased at an auction, an antique Crazy Quilt dated 1883, a modern-day Crazy Quilt Nancy made featuring various antique pieces such as a jeweled cuff and a sequined bow tie, a glorified nine-patch from the 1930s, a hand-pieced Seven Sisters antique quilt top she would like to have hand quilted, and a quilt featuring 12 Bible stories, identified as made by Grand Rapids church ladies.

Her fourth reason is for teaching. Nancy has taught various classes on You-Tube (On point—TV) for which she makes demonstration blocks which eventually end up in a quilt such as New York Beauty, Rails, and applique design in E-Quilt.

Her fifth reason for quilting is for entering competitive shows. She showed a Lone Star quilt on which she had sown 10,000 beads, a Tranquil Star with beads, the quilt she made for her Learning to Quilt book, and another quilt featured in Learning to Quilt II with fabrics designed by Sue Penn for Free Spirit fabrics.

The sixth reason Nancy quilts is to show off her collection of buttons. One of her quilts had lots of buttons!

Her seventh reason is she finds fabric that speaks to her and then she finds a way to use it in a quilt. She showed her quilt featuring various shoes, some that used African fabrics, a New York beauty with African-inspired fabric, and hand-dyed fabrics.

Her eighth reason is to try new techniques. These quilts used various dying, painting, and gel techniques.

Her ninth reason is for shows. Her Beaded Paradise (a New York Beauty style) and her miniature quilt using paper piecing were good examples here.

Finally, Nancy quilts because she is an artist. She gave tribute to her mother’s artistic talent and showed a small quilt her mother had made for a neighbor, using many different stitching techniques.

Nancy teaches classes at Smith Owens Sewing Center. Her email address is

Betsy thanked Nancy for her presentation. The BRQG meeting ended at 8:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Lorelle Eberly

2020 July 20 meeting minutes

BRQG Meeting July 20, 2020

Betsy Muir opened the July Big Red Quilt Guild meeting in Tiara Yachts’ conference room on July 20, 2020, at 7:00 p.m. for members in attendance and those participating via Zoom. Two visitors were introduced. Betsy thanked Nora and Barb Slikkers for providing our new meeting place, and Kris Kennedy for operating the equipment for our Zoom aspect of tonight’s meeting. Betsy also thanked Barb Bredemeier, Lorelle Eberly, and Ruth Borg for providing treats for the group.

Kris Kennedy has received 110 houses now for our Village quilt. Kathy Ryzenga received about a dozen charity quilts from members tonight.

Nora Slikkers, one of our program co-chairs, introduced Denniele Bohannon from Harrisonville, Missouri, our presenter of tonight’s program: Forty Years in the Making. Denniele discussed finding that quilting has become her therapy, especially during stressful times. First, she showed her grandmother’s nine-patch quilt, an inspiration for Denniele’s own quilts. She proceeded to display and discuss her wide variety of quilts, from her first-born son’s baby quilt, her first hand quilting work which she learned at her church’s quilting group, and on through many quilts she has designed and pieced over forty years. She discussed patterns, fabrics, and machine quilting, both custom and overall designs.

Nora Slikkers thanked Denniele for her program and indicated there were a few spots left in the workshop class Tuesday, July 21, for Denniele’s quilt Celebrate!

After a brief break for refreshments, several members participated in Show and Tell. Kris took pictures which will be posted on the BRQG website.

A drawing for several door prizes was held. Members were reminded that our August 17 program will be a presentation by Nancy Roelfsmema from Grand Rapids. August 28 is the date for our next workshop, The Tiled Background, led by Barb Bredemeier and Janet Haines. The meeting ended at 8:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Lorelle Eberly, Secretary

2020 February 18 – Meeting show n tell

Our meeting concluded with show n tell and a showing of charity quilts.  Several members brought in quilts.


Bridget’s Jane Sassaman design from last fall’s workshop.


Another design from a scrappy workshop.


A practice orphan piece from Vicky Gray that Bridget completed.


Kris’ Maple Leaf quilt.  Unique in that it was completed in record time, which purchase of fabric and pattern in mid-to-late January and quilted in time for this meeting! 


Anne’s Linus quilt made from an adorable panel.


A charity quilt top made by Deb from a friend’s practice squares! Those orphan blocks can be put to good use and look great together!


Another Charity quilt made from practice squares.  Great job, Deb!

And that concludes our February meeting pictures.  Hope to see you at the next meeting!

2020 February 18 – Meeting Program Photos – Part Three

Sally Leep was our third presenter in the “Artists Among Us” program. She is very precise and works with great details. Perfection is her mantra.


A baby quilt inspired by an Aunt’s quilt made with polyester/cotton blend.


A baby quilt made for her son Billie – he received this quilt when he was 32! Congrats to Sally for a finish, even if it was a tad late! 


Mrs. Lincoln’s quilt made as a challenge with her Paducah friends.


Jacob’s Garden 


The back of the next quilt. Even the backs get attention sometimes!


The smaller quilt was made with the scraps cut off of all the corners of the larger quilt! No scrap gets away!


Above the Tree Line quilt – tiny 1 inch squares.


A Kim Diehl design made by Sally to celebrate her retirement after 35 years at Herman Miller.


Bright Light – made with a cake walk plus cake layer cuts of fabric from Paducha. 


And of course a quilt from the scraps of Bright Light!


My Long Winter.  Gorgeous quilt!


Katelyn’s doll quilt


Tiled background quilt made at the BRQG class last year. 


Sally loves christmas quilts! She has made one for each of her grandchildren. Unbelievable applique!


Another of Sally’s Christmas quilts.  She said this was the most challenging she has ever done. I believe it! The picture just doesn’t do it justice. 

2020 February 18 – Meeting Program Photos – Part Two

The second presenter in our “Artists Among Us” series was Carmen Smith.  She loves the process but not the finishing! She works fast and is creative. She likes to keep it fun!


An itty bitty – she loves traditional quilts and Civil War prints!


Carmen has 700 spools of thread – you never know what color you are going to need and what if the fabric stores are closed?? So she bought this panel to try out some of her thread collection!! Lovely!!


Her Hat Ladies quilt designed and drawn by her! Her late sister is memorialized in this quilt. 


She decided to try paper piecing and this colorful quilt is the result. Sewn at last year’s March Guild Retreat.  


Urban Owls Quilt! This beauty is so visually interesting. Urban Owls is out of Texas. 


Her design with Jesus knocking on her door.  She used a photo representing Jesus from the internet and printed it on fabrick for the center of her quilt.