Community Service

We have many beautiful quilts made by members and donated to go to our Charity. Currently quilts are going to the Manasseh Project whose mission is to end the sexual exploitation of young men and young women in West Michigan.

A note from the organizers: ” Your beautiful quilts: given to victims at the safe houses. My family, friends and myself do laundry baskets full of items for when the girls get to leave and start a new life (dishes, laundry supplies, cleaning supplies, small appliances, pots and pans, dish towels, can openers, etc).  I try to give them one homemade quilt from you for each laundry basket.”

More quilts come in at each Big Red Quilters’ Guild Meeting. Thanks to all the members who make it happen!


We received this lovely thank you card for the quilts donated to  Maplewoods Memory Unit.


On June 28th, 2017, Carmen Smith and  Mary Botsis delivered fourteen quilts to Resthaven. The women were delighted with their quilts asking “This is for me?!” Thank you to all who helped spread some joy into the lives of others with their material, handiwork and time.

 As of 3/21/17, 40 quilts have been completed for this service project! Go Quilters!
BRQG members are making donation quilts the Police Department  and the Fire Department can give out to adults experiencing trauma.  The preferred size is at least 40 by 60.    Donated materials (fabric or batting) or completed quilts are welcome.


 On May 19th, a dozen of our Big Red Quilt members began making up the kitsfor our donation quilts. Led by Andrea Aumick, the donated material was sorted into colors and sizes. Then the real fun began with volunteers picking one of the several patterns from our donation quilt binder and going through the fabric to find the required material. These patterns were selected for their ease of understanding and for the size.
At this point the cutting of a quilt kit was done. It is amazing how many choices for fabrics was available in the donated material. At the end of the day, we had 12 Kits cut and packaged for distribution to the members who want to make the quilt tops.
We hope that May 23rd, will bring more material and cutters for our second round of kit making. The camaraderie of many working for a single purpose is wonderful. We hope many of you will join us in the future.

Mary Botsis