Tulip Time Quilt Show 2016


Today was the perfect time to see this year’s entrants in the Tulip Time Quilt Show, before the crowds get bigger and you have a hard time seeing the beautiful work submitted by our many talented area quilters.

Each year I leave inspired, seeing a new twist on an old pattern or some entirely new idea.  This year’s show has both, from the patterns and colors reflecting days gone by to many exciting quilts with lively colors and patterns.

There is truly something for everyone. And like years past, it’s fun to eavesdrop on conversations about what the viewers liked (or didn’t) about a piece. Art is so subjective! Either way, we are so fortunate to have such a large pool of talented fiber artists in the Holland/Zeeland area that are willing to share their work.

Here’s a snippet of some of the beautiful quilts, but I hope you can make the show in person. Check out the line for dates and times:



Barb Schippa,

Big Red Quilters Guild Secretary


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