September 25th is right around the corner

BRQG September Meeting: September 25, 2017


Sale Time!

We have combined fun and fund raising in one big event.  We will be hosting a rummage sale and auction of quilt related items and a bake sale. This is one meeting where you can definitely bring a friend at no charge.  The rummage sale will run from 5:30 to 6: 30 PM. From 6:30 -7:00 PM we will have time to socialize and finish paying for our rummage items. The auction of our bigger items will run from 7:00-9:00 PM. A bake sale will run concurrently with the other activities.  

We hope everyone in the guild will contribute to our efforts in some way. Start cleaning out your sewing rooms now. It’s good to take inventory now and then so you don’t forget what you have. If you have duplicate tools; if you have finished with a book or pattern; if you no longer like the fabric you once loved; if it’s a UFO you will never finish, why not give someone else a chance to love it.  If you would like to make a couple pincushions, a tote bag, a needlebook…we would love the donation!

If you have an old sewing machine, serger, or other large items, we will have a consignment area. The guild will receive 25% of the sale price that you set.

We will only have the lodge for the day of the sale so we hope everyone will help by bringing your items early in the day. We will open the lodge at 8:00 AM and ask that you bring your items as early as you are able. If you cannot come that morning, we will have several places for you to drop off items earlier.  The drop off locations will be announced in September.

We also ask you to bring your items arranged as attractively as possible. That means if you have fabric that goes together well,  arrange it so each piece shows and put in a plastic bag or tie a ribbon around it. If your  fabric doesn’t go well together, bring it  folded neatly.  Anything you can do to help the display of items go easier will be so appreciated.

And that comes to volunteers. We have Betsy and Kris lined up to be auctioneers. Becky will be money collector and Dee Dee will be her scribe. Kathy will be an auctioneer’s assistant.  We need people to take in and arrange items during the day, someone to be baked goods coordinator, someone to handle consignments. I’m sure we’ll need a few more people to help with the auction.  Please let a board member know if you can help or sign up at the August meeting!  

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