Happy National Sewing Month

Did you know September is national sewing month? Being a quilter, you likely didn’t. Every time I mention I’m sewing, or I plan to sew….a close quilty friend reminds me “I don’t sew”.  But she really does. She has a sewing machine (or 2 or 3, maybe 4….enough to have a little sewing school in her sewing room with her grand daughters), she has sewing notions, and sewing tools, well, you see my point.

All quilters have basic sewing skills in order to quilt. Perhaps we learned to sew in middle school or 4H as my great-niece just did.  We probably made dish towels or maybe an apron. Maybe we tackled a zipper or buttons, or made doll clothes or a superman cape for our dog. Some of us stored our mothers featherweights in our closet. Maybe we didn’t warm up to the idea of sewing until we saw that first quilt that drew us in like a mosquito to a bug zapper.  You remember the moment….the shaft of light coming from the heavens illuminating that first pieced quilt with beautiful design and colorful fabrics? At that moment your life changed forever. You raced home, flew into the attic through the boxes and dust to find that old sewing machine.  You located your sewing box (no, we don’t call it our quilting box) and got to work.

Sew……since it’s national sewing month, maybe we can give our humble sewing beginnings some respect. Even if you haven’t sewn a thing…..other than a quilt, since.  Anything that lets me celebrate the idea of sewing and friendships that have grown from it is great by me!

To learn more, like tips to buy a machine…….


BRQG member and blog contributor,

Barb Schippa

2 thoughts on “Happy National Sewing Month

  1. Nice! Especially the “friends” part.😁 Will miss seeing you in September. Will be interested in hearing if anyone wants to meet more often.

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