August 28, 2017 Meeting Photos

Thanks to Mary Smallegan, owner of Custom Quilts Unlimited, 6184 Quilters Court in Fenville, MI for a wonderful presentation about quilting items she recommends for ease in quilting, good advice on needle sizes, batting choices and even items that can help avoid a backache.  She also brought some of her quilts to show us.

21078414_889449287877542_4293097161036182586_n21078542_889449214544216_7955668573532370205_n21106429_889449204544217_5965459557113754536_n21106788_889449191210885_1046347871160308948_n21150342_889449251210879_5742821840851228075_n21230761_889449177877553_4414099578436135895_n (1)

We also had some great show and tell quilts.

Sally Leep’s quilt, held up by Pat.


Pat Navis’ Quilts. (click on the quilt for a larger view)

And Janet Haines’ quilts.

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