Greetings fellow Big Red Quarantine Quilters!  
We hope that this finds you well and enjoying (as you can) this time of staying home a bit more!  We hope that it has renewed your love of fabrics and quilting and  that you’re all ready for new content from your Big Red Quilters Guild!  Following is an update on meetings and programming.  At the end are two questions to help us gauge interest and comfort in gathering in July.  If you would be so kind as to respond to these questions, it will help guide us as we prepare to meet.
Meetings.  The Board met today, and based on most recent direction from the State of Michigan, we are canceling our June 15, in-person meeting.  That said, we are looking forward to the following meeting activity:

  • Monday, June 8, 3 pm–Facebook Live demonstrations by Betsy Muir and Kris Kennedy.  
    • Rug demonstration.  Betsy will demonstrate a jelly roll rug technique that results in a rectangular rug, and 
    • Village Challenge.  Kris will demonstrate the House block for our Guild’s Village challenge, 
  • BOTEOM Lost and Found.  Finally, Betsy and Kris will host a “Block of the Every Other Month” Lost and Found Gallery!  We have blocks left behind at our last meeting (could that possibly be February???) that need to be returned to their rightful creators.  You won’t want to miss this!
  • If you’re not already, now is a great time to become a member of the group, Big Red Quilters Guild, on Facebook!
  • July 20, 6:30 pm–“Forty Years In the Making” program with Denielle Bohannon 
    • author, Where Poppies Grow : Quilts and Projects Honoring Those Who Served in World War I.
  • July 21–“Celebrate” workshop with Denielle Bohannon 
    • More information on the program and workshop will arrive by email in the next few days!
    • Both the Monday meeting/lecture and Tuesday workshop will be held at our new location at Tiara Yachts, 725 E 40th Street, Holland.  
    • We will follow all guidance provided by the State of Michigan regarding the safety and comfort of our members.
  • Your Program Committee is hard at work finalizing programming for remainder 2020 to include as much content as originally planned as possible!  More to come on that!
BRQG Village is growing!

Pulsecheck.  In an effort to gauge how we can best put our programming forward, please send an email to by Monday, June 1, and let us know your interest in joining us for the July meeting and/or workshop.  We will plan to adhere to all guidance provided for meetings by the State of Michigan.  Additionally, we are working to provide the Monday meeting/lecture via Facebook Live.  

  • Meeting and lecture Monday, July 20 (“Forty Years In the Making” program with Denielle Bohannon)–we plan to share our meeting via Facebook Live in addition to meeting in person (Choose one)

a) yes, I would plan to attend the meeting and lecture
b) no, I would not plan to attend the meeting and lecture, but would join online
c) no, I would not plan to attend the meeting and lecture this time

  • Workshop Tuesday July 21 “Celebrate” workshop with Denielle Bohannon (Choose one)

a) yes, I would plan to attend the all-day workshop
b) no, I would not plan to attend the all-day workshop

Quarantine Quilting Pandemic Project Portfolio
!  We know you’ve been busy, so Janet Haines, our webmaster, is going to help us create a gallery on our Guild website.  Send a picture of projects you’d like to share along with a description (for example:  name of the piece, basics of the project, inspiration, recipient–the sorts of thing that tell the story of your quilt!)  We will post photos as we receive them!
Thank you for reading–I look forward to hearing back from you on the Pulsecheck questions and Quarantine Quilting Pandemic Project Portfolio soon!!
Bridget Morel
Membership ChairBig Red Quilters’ Guild

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