March is….

Hello, All!  
Wow!  What are the chances…that the calendar kings would put my two favorite activities together in the same month???  March is National Reading Month AND National Quilting Month!  I hope that you’re enjoying a bit of both.  If you want to have a really big time, fix your favorite hot beverage, grab a quilt and curl up and catch up on a favorite quilting magazine or books…celebrate both months at the same time!
To that end, the Big Red Quilters’ Guild invites you to join us on the last day of this wonderful month, Wednesday, March 31, 7 pm (via Zoom), for the reveal party for the Great Free Fabric Challenge. It will be fun to see the creativity of the quilters who took up the challenge!  But more, it will be a chance for us to share a little time together and for us each to dip into the well of inspiration.  Stay tuned!  As the day draws near, we will follow up by email with the Zoom link information.
Until then there are a couple of days to celebrate!

  • St. Patrick’s Day, Wednesday, March 17.  Always a favorite for this correspondent…😉  (Green is such a lovely color to work with!)
  • National Quilting Day, Saturday, March 20.  Maybe you can set aside some time for a few hours (or perhaps a day?) of quilting…in the comfort of your own home!   

Enjoy our bountiful sunshine and know that Spring cannot be far behind!  
All the best,
Bridget Morel

Membership Chair
Big Red Quilters’ Guild