Who Put Up/Took Down The Tables?!?

The other day I was reading another quilty friend’s blog post. She loyally posts on a daily basis. I don’t know how she does it. I have great intentions but get side tracked; busy doing other things, and then days may go by. Not her. She is committed to her daily post! She is committed.

Her topic was VOLUNTEERS, big letters. It made me think of the unlimited hours people offer to make things better and inspired me to comment on the word here. Most of us go thru life without much thought how things are done around us, but volunteers are everywhere. Events and functions of all kinds wouldn’t happen without the generous amount of time and effort of its volunteers. If you volunteer at your church, schools, blood banks, etc. even the tiniest amount of time, you know what I mean. And volunteering happens beyond the demands of our very busy lives.

Case in point…..our Big Red Quilters Guild. Now I will step up on the soap box for a moment. Her post caused me to reflect on some of the countless hours people give to get this guild going and running thus far. Hopefully it will inspire you to think of even the tiniest way you might share your talents and time to improve our guild. Volunteering is vital. Things don’t miraculously get done with someone stepping forward. I can’t list everything that “gets done” in our guild but here are a few things that come to mind.  Fasten your seat belts.

Working with a quilt shop for an exploratory guild meeting

Hours/weeks meeting to organize the start up

Research meeting locations

Budget setting

Setting up bank accounts

Establishing non-profit status

Deliver guild related handouts/forms thru-out west Michigan

Stepping up for board positions

Organize, set up and clean up event refreshments

Work with suppliers ordering, pickup and delivering name tags

Soliciting prizes from local shops

Take photographs for historical records

Record countless hours of minutes for each meeting and event

Checking members in at each meeting

Create and maintain new website

Lead programs

Greet and welcome guests

Research and contract all guild speakers

Create and maintain bee lists

Research and organize charity project efforts

Hold up “show and tell” quilts

Organizing special challenges (establishing guidelines, forms, contracting judges)

Create and maintain a Facebook page

Work with news media advertising the guild and events

Travel to/research retreat locations and facilities

Watching forecast during bad weather for safe meetings

Organize transportation, meals and rooms for speakers

Organize numerous tasks for a workshop

Room set up and tears down before each event

Step up and lead countless task

Create and maintain a guild blog to communicate to members

Research, negotiate, contact and organize tasks for special events like bus trips

Organize sew-ins – getting doors unlocked, table set up and turning up the heat

Covering someone’s duties if they are absent

Coordinate events with Beechwood church (approvals, support staff, etc.)

Create and maintain countless forms

Coordinate garage sales…. collecting, pricing, set up, tear down/clean up

Maintain guild records

Process new members

Maintain accounting functions and work within budgets

Create and maintain accurate member lists

And have fun building new friendships!

Helping with guild activities connects us and builds friendships with other quilters. How fun is that!?!! But this is only a few things that go on behind the scenes. It’s just a snippet of the many things needed to make YOUR guild work. More is needed and encouraged to make it work effortlessly. Remember, this guild belongs to all of us. So how are you able to help? Maybe you’d be willing to replace outgoing secretary and treasurer positions this fall? Or somewhere else? Think about it. Lots of hands make light work!

Thank you,

Barb Schippa,

(One of many Volunteers) Big Red Quilters Guild Secretary


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