Row-by-Row Round Robin Challenge sign up!

Summer days are long and warm and we love spending time outside. We may not spend as much time thinking about……quilting.  Soon our thoughts will move inside as the days shorten. You may begin looking for a fun quilting challenge to work on. Please join us for our next guild wide challenge……a round robin row by row wall size quilt.

Sign up deadline – Monday, August 22, 2016

Guild members will be organized in groups of 6.

You decide on your theme, colors, etc., and make the first strip, then passing it on with your guidelines and suggestions to the next person.

Each person will have 2 months to make a strip.

The final row will be returned October 23, 2017e form

Please click on the form link for more complete details, or contact Barb Bredemeier at

Barb Schippa                                                                                                                                                       Big Red Quilters Guild Secretary




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