June 13 National Sewing Machine Day

It seems Hallmark missed a perfect opportunity to sell cards to a large population of us sewists. I mean, today is National Sewing Machine Day, and I have not sent a single greeting card to my quilting BFF’s noting this.  So this blog post is the fastest way to communicate and celebrate the technological advancement we enjoy today…our sewing machine(s)! Many of us might be shy to admit we enjoy multiple machines, some old and new, small and large, for heavy duty or classes, low tech and high tech, to get the job done.

According to Carrie Nelson of MODA, since the invention of the sewing machine  sewers save 14 hours for every 1 hour of time spent at your machine.  Many of us treasure our grandmothers hand sewn quilts because they were done by hand. This puts their skilled efforts into a completely different context……14/1 hours. We are fortunate to have so many options when our predecessors had none. Imagine a stunning Baltimore Album done entirely by hand!

Carrie shares a wealth of history thru the years of sewing machine evolution.  For more info check out her post:


And…….Happy National Sewing Machine Day! Give your machine a hug!


Barb Schippa



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