Mask Making Opportunities and a Note!

Dear Quilting Friends,

I hope that this email finds you and yours doing well in these trying times.  I’m writing to let you know of an opportunity to share our energies with the larger West Michigan community.  I suspect you’ve heard about making masks to help in the fight against the COVID-19, and you may already be working on this cause for a local hospital or other caregiving entity.
Both Holland Hospital and Spectrum Health are accepting handmade masks, per information offered on their websites.  We would invite you to consider this opportunity as a chance to contribute to the cause (and possibly make a dent in that stash… 😉).
Note that fabrics should be pre-washed before assembly, as we are uncertain how the masks will be sterilized/sanitized for use (read:  it likely will include moisture and heat!)  Following is information from each hospital organization, including the link to their “how-to-help” page for COVID-19 as well as a link to the instructions for their preferred pattern.
A closing thought as we consider the days and weeks ahead…and the uncertainty in all of this:  how blessed we are to have a hobby that consumes us, a hobby that we can share with others, and a hobby that produces articles that are at once beautiful and useful.  We can express ourselves and connect with the recipient or admirer alike.  It’s a gift to have quilting in our lives always, but maybe, especially, in times of challenge.  First Lady Grace Coolidge is credited with the below saying…if you haven’t seen it, perhaps it will nudge you to appreciate quilting just a bit more!

“Everyone should be taught to
sew, not merely for the sake of
making something, but as an
accomplishment which may prove
a stabilizer in time of
perplexity or distress.

Many a time when I need to hold
myself firmly, I have taken up a
needle – a sewing needle, some
knitting needles, or a crochet
hook. Whatever its form or
purpose, it often proved to

be as the needle
of a compass,
keeping me to the course.”

– First Lady Grace Coolidge


Sending our very best for your comfort and productivity (!) in the days ahead.  We’re thinking of you!

Bridget Morel

Membership Chair

Big Red Quilters’ Guild


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