Block of the Every Other Month


The times are uncertain…looking for “what’s next” is a daily (or hourly!) event.  Never have we found ourselves with so much “discretionary” time!  Or at least it may feel like that…or it may not…this experience is different for everyone, I suspect!  🤔
The purpose of this email is to send along the next steps of the BOEOM Challenge so you can take advantage of the time you might have, whenever you have it. IMPORTANT NOTE:  Even though we might be able to work ahead, completed blocks and final project end date remains the same as originally planned–October.
Attached, please find the instructions for the two remaining blocks as well as photographs of Betsy’s blocks.  We’ll get these up on the website soon as well!  I’ll also include the links for these online just to make sure everyone has access (we don’t need any additional technical issues, do we?  🙄)
Sending hugs to you all…the virtual kind…along with prayers for everyone’s health and safety.  Take care…more to come soon!
Links to blocks:
Link to the BRQG Challenge are on the Guild’s website:

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Big Red Quilters’ Guild
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